The 48th Triennial Assembly of the General Grand Council

The General Grand Master has called the 48th Triennial Assembly of the General Grand Council in three Sessions in order to enhance communication and transparency, facilitate the ongoing business of the General Grand Council, and offer an opportunity to gather for fraternity in the midst of the pandemic.  

  • August 13-14, 2021 - Session 1
  • TBA - 2022 - Session 2 - Virtual Meeting
  • TBA - 2023 - Session 3 - 

2021 - Session 1 - Minneapolis, Minnesota - Hosted by the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the U.S.A.

Voting at the Triennial

The general rules regarding delegates are still in place:

  • The Grand Council or Subordinate Council must be current with both an annual return and their per capita.
  • A member may only represent ONE organization.
  • Any proxy or declaration of representation MUST be accompanied by documentation received by the General Grand Recorder.


The following are the authorized delegates.

  • Most Illustrious Past Grand Masters that are current members and served while a jurisdiction was an Affiliated Grand Council.
  • Dais Officers (Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master, and Principal Conductor of the Work) from an Affiliated Grand Council in Good Standing or their designated proxy.
    • These positions are the only positions that allow a proxy.
  • The designated Companion of a Subordinate Council in Good Standing (only ONE per Council).
  • General Grand Officers


  • Elections are planned for the 2023 Session.


Please review the legislation posted on this site and provide any feedback to the Sponsors as soon as possible.


Translations of all of the announcements and legislation through this site are being provided through Google Translate, which is not perfect, but will give Members the opportunity to review and ask questions.


Many Companions have come together to assist with the “Credentials” Committee. I put that in quotation because in reality, it is an ad hoc Triennial Committee with A LOT of work – which they are doing in support of bringing this together – many in spite of competing priorities in their jurisdiction, dealing with vocational and familial issues during a pandemic, and all of them working in a fluid environment to adapt to our circumstances and keep our organization working and our Craft moving forward.


Monty J. Glover (Hawaii)


William G. Snyder (Missouri)


G. Thomas Taylor, IIII (Delaware)


Charles A. McCollum (Maine)


Stephen A. Balke (New Mexico)


Marvin Schendel (Minnesota)


John Bridegroom (Indiana)


William Highsmith (North Carolina)