Report of the Regional Deputy General Grand Master - Europe
By Norman R. Draine, RDDGM

Norman Draine
Norman R. Draine
Regional Deputy - Europe

To the General Grand Master, General Grand Officers & Companions of the General Grand Council of Cryptic Masons International:

The covid pandemic has had a huge effect in Europe, and since the virtual Triennial meeting there have been no face-to-face Annual Assemblies in Europe. The Grand Council of Italy had their Charter restored by the General Grand Master on 12th. February, I have participated in several virtual meetings with the Companions in Italy. There has been three virtual Annual Assemblies in which I participated in two. On 2nd. March the Grand Council of Cyprus held a virtual assembly, but due to a previous commitment I was unable to participate. On 24th. April the Grand Council of Greece held a virtual Annual Assembly and on 18th. June the Grand Council of Romania held a virtual Annual Assembly, I did participate in these two virtual Annual Assemblies. On 7th. August, I participated in the first virtual European Conference, and I participate in the monthly Region Deputies conference calls.

The Grand Council of Italy has identified the 26th. and 27th. of November for a face-to-face Annual Assembly to take place in Milan. Cyprus and Portugal will hold their Annual assemblies in March 2022 and Greece in September 2022. The covid virus is again rising in many countries and many travel restrictions remain in place, but some countries are relaxing local and internal restrictions. The Grand Council of Germany are hoping to receive their Charter at the Triennial in August.

Respectfully submitted

Norman R. Draine
Regional Deputy for Europe